History of Sensiotech

In 2005 Stuart Reedman founded Sensio Solutions in Adelaide, Australia as a small electronic engineering consultancy with the aim of assisting small companies in taking their prototypes into full scale manufacture. As such, the key focus was on manufacturing engineering services, which in essence meant making changes to customers designs so they would be more suitable for high volume production – there is a big difference between prototypes that have been finely-tuned over many weeks by highly qualified engineers, and mass produced product that works reliably straight off the production line.


In between client projects however, work began on alternative energy products ranging from power maximisers for small wind turbines, to farm and ranch power management systems to optimise energy usage. The goal was to reduce the complexity of alternative energy to make it much easier and more approachable for people without technical training to build their own systems. In 2013, due to greater support for alternative energy development in the UK than in Australia, Stuart moved Sensio Solutions to the United Kingdom, and renamed it Sensiotech.


Having recently been involved in projects for household gas and mains electricity ‘smart meter’ design reviews and safety assessments, Stuart felt the time was right to take some of his prototype alternative energy products to market with his small but dedicated team of designers. To stimulate interest in alternative energy, it was decided to re-design the prototypes specifically for the camping and off-road vehicle market – a demanding and tough environment that would be perfect for realising the potential of Sensiotech’s designs.


That is when Vertex Technology was born – introducing the benefits and efficiency of high-tech alternative energy designs to the more traditional automotive market.

Founder of Sensiotech Ltd - Stuart Reedman

Power electronics and alternative energy have always been a passion for Stuart. He built his first power regulators and mains voltage inverters in the 1980’s, his first farm control systems and wind turbine regulators in the 1990’s, worked in a world class team for the design of a powerful truck mounted, land mine detection array in the 2000’s, and was involved in a project for designing satellite solar panel regulators test equipment in the 2010’s.


After completing his university degree to become a professional electronics engineer in the 1990’s, he moved into the high volume manufacture of electronic products – this is where he gained both skills and experience in ‘manufacturing engineering’ and production techniques. It wasn’t long before he moved into R&D for one of the companies whose products he had been manufacturing, bringing a production engineering approach to their product designs.


Stuart has since enthusiastically built his career around designing tough, reliable, high-tech products using design-for-manufacture principles. And a key aspect of a reliable product is simplicity – which is why Vertex is fully automatic, adaptable, and incredibly simple to install.


“Vertex technology brings about just the first of a long line of clever, yet simple product designs to be brought to market to help make alternative energy more ‘main stream’ and a standard part of everyday life.” Stuart Reedman, Director of Sensiotech Ltd.

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We are a Cardiff, United Kingdom based R&D company, so get in touch to arrange for one of our engineers to visit your premises to demonstrate Vertex technology, and discuss how it could benefit your vehicles

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