24V Battery Bank Balancer

Most large vehicles such as lorries, HGV's and semi trailers use a 24volt system for starting the engine, which is made up of two 12volt batteries in series. These two batteries can easily get 'out of balance' which leads to one over-charging and the other under-charging. In both cases, the batteries end up with a very short life of only a couple of years.


For maximum life and trouble free operation, these two batteries need to be properly balanced. To ensure this happens, we have created the Vertex Bank Balancer which moves charge between the two batteries as requried to keep them exactly equal at all times - even when the engine is not running. It is seriously tough and waterproof so you can install outside next to the batteries. And just connect one wire to GND, one to the half-way point of the two batteries, and the third to +24V – that’s it!


Without Vertex technology, typical start battery life is around 2 years with both batteries having to be replaced as a matched pair. Adding a Sensiotech Bank Balancer can extend starter battery life up to 6 years, and with these large batteries costing between £100 and £200 each, this means a saving of up to £800 every 6 years! The Sensiotech 24V Bank Balancer can pay for itself within one set of batteries.



With a Sensiotech Bank Balancer

  • Designed for all RVs, trucks and HGV’s, whether they have 12V or 24V systems
  • Continually balances both batteries to prevent over and under charging. This helps prevent plate sulphation and can give up to 6 years battery life
  • Replace only one battery at a time - no need for matched pairs
  • Maximum battery life means lower maintenance costs and less failed-start breakdowns
  • Replaces the old-style DC/DC converters
  • Provides reliable 12V power for anything that needs it in a 24V vehicle
  • Provides reliable 24V power for anything that needs it in a 12V vehicle
  • Can charge both batteries from a 12V battery charger
  • Is NOT affected by high current surges from loads

Without a Sensiotech Bank Balancer

  • Competitor products only balance DOWNWARDS to 12V, thus are not suitable for all vehicles
  • Unbalanced batteries means sulphation of the plates occurs, leading to premature battery death in typically 2 years
  • One failed battery means both must be replaced as a matched pair
  • Short life and battery damage means failure to start in cold conditions. This can lead to you being stranded or failed deliveries for comercial operators
  • 12V devices traditionally require a 24V to 12V DCDC converter. These have limited capacity and are prone to damage
  • High current 12V devices will not run from DCDC converters
  • There is no traditional means of running high power 24V devices in a 12V vehicle
  • 24V vehicles require more expensive 24V battery chargers
  • High start up current surges for 12V pumps and similar devices cause DCDC converters to drop out




  • Upper and Lower 12V batteries kept within +/-0.2V of each other
  • Automatic operation and direction control: step down from 12V or up to 24V to maintain balance
  • Equilises an imbalance of up to 20A average @ 12V
  • Temperature controlled operation, automatically reduces output power in hot climates
  • Relay outputs
    • Battery depleted
    • Battery bank out of balance
  • User Options
    • Max current setting
  • LED User Interface
    • Standby / active
    • Charge direction: 24V to 12V step down or 12V to 24V step up
    • 0% to 100% of max current
    • 0% to 100% of fully charged voltage

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