Dual Battery Manager

The Sensiotech Dual Battery Charger keeps all your camping power separate to the main vehicle system. This ensures you never flatten the vehicle starter battery, which could otherwise leave you stranded miles from anywhere. It does not need to be spliced into the vehicle wiring – just connect to the battery terminals. It auto-senses when the engine is running and charges your leisure battery automatically and quickly as you drive.


Vertex replaces the old-tech solenoids and relays. Battery charging is quicker as Vertex boosts or reduces the voltage as required to ensure multi stage charging, as recommended by the battery manufacturers. Charging starts with a constant current 'bulk' charge, followed by an 'equalisation' or gas charge which helps prevent suplhate build up on the battery plates. Once full capacity is reached, charging drops to a lower 'maintenance' charge irrespective of the load, thus 100% charge is maintained for as long as the engine is running.


Benefits of Vertex Technology

  • Faster charge using 3 stage profiles
  • Longer battery life as the battery is fully charged everytime
  • Overcome long wiring voltage drops as Vertex boosts the voltage as required
  • No more current surges and blown fuses as Vertex limits the charging current to the correct level for the battery, even when flat
  • Install and forget - automoatic operation, tough, water proof and built for harsh offroad conditions


Limitations of old-tech solenoid systems

  • Slower charge as alternators 'float' charge only and do not boost or gas charge
  • Often the leisure battery receives only a partial charge due to slow rate and long wiring voltage drops. Extended periods at less than full charge result in plate sulphation which slowly destroys the battery
  • Very large current surges are possible when a solenoid kicks in. This can blow fuses and cause problems with the vehicle electronics
  • Constant maintenance and manual monitoring of charge level is required



  • 12V system voltage: 9.2V to 15V operation, up to 40A
  • 24V system voltage: 18.4V to 30V operation, up to 40A
  • Temperature controlled operation, automatically reduces output power in hot climates
  • Auxiliary IGN input for 'start/stop' vehicle operation
  • Relay outputs
    • Battery Depleted
    • Battery 100% charged
    • Solar Panel on/off control
  • User Options
    • Single or dual direction charge mode
    • Max current setting 5A to 40A
    • 10V to 15V 'Initiate Charging' voltage setting to cater for local or remote leisure battery installation and wiring lengths.
    • 10V to 15V 'Float' and 'Boost' voltage settings to cater for all common automotive battery chemistries
  • LED User Interface
    • Standby / active
    • Charge direction: Starter battery to Leisure or Leisure battery to Starter
    • 0% to 100% of max current
    • 0% to 100% of fully charged voltage

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