Solar MPPT Regulator

The design of solar panels is a compromise – you want maximum power, but they need enough oomph to operate under a bit of cloud cover. And to prevent damage you need a regulator to manage the solar panel current to ensure the battery receives just the right amount of charge. The old style linear regulators operate at battery voltage, so are not efficient and waste all of the extra power available above battery voltage when the panel is in strong sunlight. This is where Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) comes in.

The Vertex Solar MPPT Regulator allows the panels to operate above battery voltage. It hunts for the point of maximum power, where the current is still high, but the voltage is much higher. It then steps the voltage down to battery potential, and correspondingly steps the charge current up. It continues to track the maximum operating point with changes in sun intensity due to clouds or time of day. This means you get the equivalent of up to 30% more panels, or charging up to 30% faster, or having up to 30% more run time for your devices at night.


Now there are products on the market already that offer MPPT technology, but they are mostly aimed at off-grid alternative energy, use older technology and can be alarmingly expensive. We use the latest in power electronics and harsh environment design so that we can bring this top end feature to the off-road and RV market at a much more competitive price than competiting products for the first time.

Linear versus Vertex MPPT

Old technology linear regulators are cheap but get hot, waste power and take longer to charge your batteries. MPPT technology runs cooler and uses all of the available power from the panels. Vertex combines MPPT technology with Battery Management technology to bring the best of bost worlds to you for your 4x4, camper, RV or boat and an affordable price.


Linear Old-Tech Regulators

  • Max of 60W from 80W panel
  • Operates @ battery voltage
  • Wastes power available above battery voltage


Vertex MPPT Regulator

  • Tracks the maximum power point of the panel
  • Operates ABOVE battery voltage
  • Max of 78W from 80W panel
  • Uses all the available power from the panel

Benefits of Vertex MPPT Technology

  • MPPT technology means up to 30% more charging power
  • Faster charge time by using 3 stage profiles approved by the battery manufacturers
  • Longer battery life as the battery is fully charged more often which helps prevent plate sulphation.
  • Install and forget - automatic operation, tough, water proof and built for harsh offroad conditions




Limitation of Old-Tech Regulators

  • Linear regulators run hot, waste power and generally use float voltage charging only
  • Longer time to charge means your batteries spend more time in a depleted state. This results in more plate sulphation which can lead to permanent reduction in battery capacity. 
  • Reduced battery capacity means shorter battery life. Just a couple of years less life can mean over £100 per year in extra maintenance costs




  • 12V system voltage:
    • 9.2V to 15V battery bank
    • 12V or 24V solar panels (15V to 44V input)
    • 40A maximum charge current
  • 24V system voltage: 
    • 18.4V to 30V battery bank
    • 24V solar panels (30V to 44V input)
    • 40A maximum charge current
  • Temperature controlled operation, automatically reduces output power in hot climates
  • Relay outputs
    • Battery Depleted (activates at user defined 'flat' voltage)
    • Dump Load (divert excess solar panel current to auxiliary load)
    • Battery Full (activates at 100% charge)
  • User Options
    • Max current setting 5A to 40A
    • 'Flat' battery voltage
  • LED User Interface
    • Standby / active
    • 0% to 100% of max current
    • 0% to 100% of fully charged voltage

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