What is Vertex Technology?

Vertex brings optimal battery charging technology to your vehicle

What this means for you is that Vertex gives you an independent power system for all your camping or haulage power needs. It charges your batteries and keeps them in peak condition by using virtually any power source you have available: Vehicle Alternator, Solar Panels, Mains Chargers, or DC Generators. Vertex allows you to combine 12V and 24V devices in the one vehicle: 12V devices in a 24V vehicle, or 24V devices in a 12V vehicle. All with virtually unlimited surge current capacity, limited only by the size of your batteries. 


One Vertex Technology, Three Vertex Products

Our technology is unique in that we spent the time designing one ultimate solution for recreational vehicle power system needs. We then built that solution into three different products: Dual Battery Manager, 24V Bank Balancer and Solar MPPT Regulator. This means all our products will work together and you can keep expanding your system as your needs change. No need to shop around for different chargers, regulators, and converters as Vertex provides the solution for all your battery management needs

Vertex is Clever

The Dual Battery Manager can reverse direction to charge the starter battery if you have solar or mains charging of the leisure battery. The Bank Balancer keeps both the upper and lower batteries in a 24V bank equal at all times by balancing in BOTH directions, which means you can use 12V or 24V chargers, or solar panels, or 12V devices, or 24V devices - all in the one system. The Solar MPPT regulator obtains more power from either 12V or 24V panels and does the voltage conversion for you. 


Vertex in more technical terms

Vertex brings true universal voltage conversion to the automotive market for the very first time. Vertex brings industry leading alternative energy technology based on the latest switch mode power control techiques to the automotive market to ensure a perfect charge every time. If the power source is higher or lower than battery voltage, it reduces or boosts to what is needed. This is combined with multi-stage charging profiles recommended by the battery manufacturers themselves; temperature controlled operation for hot or cold climates; water proof and sealed enclosures; battery protection relays; and fully automatic operation. The result is quicker charge time, more run-time for all your appliances, and years more battery life which saves you money. 

Mix and Match Vertex Products to suit Your Needs

Vertex Technology is universal, so you can slowly build your system up as your needs change. There is no need to throw away older technology products you already have as Vertex allows you to mix and match device voltages and power ratings. 


Simple 4x4 or Camper

  • 12V Starter battery
  • 12V Auxiliary Battery
  • Just add a Vertex Dual Battery Manager


24V Truck or Camper, 12V Auxiliary System

  • 24V Starter battery and vehicle system
  • 12V Auxiliary Battery to run standard devices
  • Just add a Vertex Dual Battery Manager which will manage the voltage conversions for you


12V Camper, 24V High Power Inverter

  • 12V Starter battery and vehicle system
  • 24V Auxiliary Battery bank for running high power mains inverter for microwave ovens, etc
  • Just add a Vertex Dual Battery Manager and connect to the lower 12V battery in the auxilliary bank
  • Add a Vertex 24V Batter Balancer to the auxiliary bank and it will keep everything balanced and handle the voltage conversions for you


Large 4x4 or Camper

  • 24V Starter battery
  • 24V Auxiliary Battery
  • Just add a Vertex Dual Battery Manager which will auto-detect the 24V system
  • Add a Vertex Bank Balancer to obtain maximum battery life for your auxiliary system
  • You could choose to add a second Vertex Bank Balancer to the starter batteries to also maximise their life
  • Add 24V solar panels and Vertex Solar MPPT Regulator.
  • All the Vertex units will work together to keep all 4 batteries in optimum health for maximum life


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