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We have a product to suit all your battery charging and power management needs



24V Bank Balancer

Balance the upper and lower 12V batteries in a 24V bank. Step up & down for longer life.

Dual Battery Manager

Charge your auxiliary / leisure battery while you drive and protect from over & under discharge

Solar MPPT Regulator

Get up to 30% more power from your solar panels using Maximum Power Point Tracking

What is Vertex Technology?

The ultimate in battery management and charging for all recreational and haulage vehicles, Vertex is essentially clever battery charging and universal voltage converting technology.Vertex gives you an independent power system for all your camping power needs. It charges your batteries and keeps them in peak condition by using virtually any power source you have available: Vehicle Alternator, Solar Panels, Mains Chargers, or DC Generators.


Vertex allows you to combine 12V and 24V devices in the one vehicle – 12V devices in a 24V vehicle, or 24V devices in a 12V vehicle – all with virtually unlimited surge current capacity, limited only by the size of your batteries. Bi-directionally balancing of the upper and lower 12V banks in a 24V system, brings true universal voltage conversion to the automotive market for the very first time.


And Vertex brings solar panel Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to the RV market at a price never seen before! Up to 30% more power from the same panels than the old technology linear solar regulators.


With Vertex Technology

  • Trouble free, automatic battery charging, no matter the conditions
  • Fast 'charge while you drive' using battery manufacturer approved profiles
  • Charge both the leisure and starter batteries from solar panels and mains power
  • MPPT solar charging
  • Add years of extra life to your batteries
  • Easy to install and no tapping into wiring required for most vehicles
  • Combine 12V and 24V devices in one vehicle


Without Vertex Technology

  • Flat leisure and starter batteries can leave you without camping power and unable to start the vehicle in the morning
  • Charge only from mains power and not while you are driving
  • Miss out on that extra 30% power from your solar panels
  • Shorter battery life due to poor charge maintenance
  • Old-technology 'charge while you drive' systems require expert knowledge and splicing into vehicle wiring looms
  • No ability to run 24V devices in a car or small lorry
  • Limited ability to run 12V devices in large lorry or HGV which requires separate DCDC converters


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